Research Center

Research Center

Scientific research center STC Adhesive

SPC Adhesive Research CenterAll products made by OOO SPC Adhesive are developed by the specialists of our own scientific and technical center (STC).

The basis for the development of formulations and technologies was laid in 1969 as part of the laboratory of polyurethanes of All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Resins. Even then, the Soviet industry required the development of structural adhesives for special purposes, matrices for concrete products, and rigid compounds for electrical engineering purposes.

Today, employees of Scientific and Technical Center of OOO SPC Adhesive developed more than 300 formulations of adhesives, sealants, compounds, and poured floors. All developments correspond to the modern level of knowledge on properties and application technologies.

The structure of scientific and technical center is based on the principle of working in the following fields:

  • adhesives,

  • sealants,

  • compounds,

  • coatings,

  • elastomers.

Such specialization allows gaining much knowledge and information, with high competence in this issue.  

STC employees provide full technical service and support for products and customers as part of the development and promotion of new materials.

Today, STC of OOO SPC Adhesive is a global knowledge and experience base offering high professionalism, hundreds of products that find demand in the competitive market.